Your Trusted Neurofunctional Practitioner

Christopher Caddey

The neurofunctional massage therapy approach compared to the traditional massage therapy is quite different. Rather than spending a majority of the treatment using Swedish massage techniques, Christopher takes the time to do a comprehensive history and assessment which allows him to obtain information on why the pain and ache exist, and how and why movement is obstructed.

The sensation of pain is a very complex component to the body. The nature of pain is multidimensional, often comprising of more than just muscle and bones. Rather than just looking at the pain from a local perspective, Chris looks to discover the global causes, such as pain being stimulated from movement, emotion, physiological, habits.

Reasons to Seek Neurofunctional Therapy

  • Chronic/Complex pain

  • Acute pain

  • Sport performances

  • Sport injuries

  • Persistent aches

  • Healthy individuals who are looking to better themselves

  • Assessments before an injury is present

The Treatment Approach

Neurofunctional massage therapy can help implement treatment techniques to improve pain, movement, and performances.

These treatments will involve specific movements, exercises, mobilizations of soft tissue nerves & joints, soft tissue techniques with micro conditioning & cupping, and electro acupuncture.

Every treatment is an education opportunity for the client to achieve more understanding on why they have discomfort.

The basis of the information will come from following the route of anatomy from where pain/discomfort begins, looking for tissue changes, observing which systems are involved, and where intervention is needed to improve your movement, pain, energy.

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